Preventing SIM Card Swap Attack

SIM card attacks are increasing by fooling support or customer service into transferring phone numbers to the attacker’s own SIM card. The result is he owns your phone number and a good part of the rest of your life contained within your phone. The problem is not something the owner can easily prevent since it happens at the company level outside the phone owner’s control.

This is a must read for knowing what the creeps are doing or attempting to do with this hacking tool. Republic users should be thankful we are not connected with one of the large mobile phone providers who seem to be easily fooled.

The way Republic handles phone numbers I believe their users are immune this this sort of attack.


Oh, yeah, until you mentioned it I forgot about the number we use for our phone and the number Republic uses.

Republic also now makes you use a pin on your account.


So a Sim Swap attack is not possible on a Republic WIreless phone? Is that correct?

In order to execute a SIM Swap attack on a Republic device the attacker would have to have a Republic compatible device, a Republic SIM and know your account email and password. Or, if they were trying to do it by porting your number to SIM with another carrier they would need to have those things in order to sign-in to your Republic account and then set your porting PIN.

For extra protection turning on 2 Factor Authentication on your Republic account would make it pretty much impossible as they wouldn’t be able to gain access without also possessing whatever device you’re using to generate the 2FA codes which is likely your phone in which case they would have no need to SIM swap because they already have your phone!

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At the bottom of the Forum you will see a large graphic … the link provided for the first one titled 'Avoid Porting Scams! would take you to this Help document

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Very good, thanks. This has become a serious issue because of the Ledger crytpo wallet information leak which gave hackers, names, addresses and phone numbers of all of hundreds of thousands of their customers and put them all at risk.

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