Previously happy with Motorola

I’m looking for a new phone. Have had Motorola Z and G play since joining Rep. Wireless some years ago. I’m looking at mid-priced GREAT phone with a nice camera and is not fragile. I reading fragile reviews on the new Motorolas.

Thank You!

I don’t know your definition of mid-price, but Pixel 3a or 3a XL is an outstanding phone.


Are there a lot of privacy issues with these [I believe] Google phones? And Thank You for your recommendation.

Whether you’re using the Pixel or a Moto or a Samsung you’re using the same Android operating system. Your exposure to Google is the same on all of them. In fact the Pixel removes another party (Moto or Samsung) from having access and finally since the Pixel gets security updates every month, they’re more secure than the others.

TL;DR: No. The Pixel is no more and likely less risky around privacy and security than other phone.


I’ve moved from Motorola to Pixel 3a and it’s been marvelous. It’s a great price for a Pixel. Much faster, and one way to notice this is by the speed at which it powers on and off. The camera is better too with sharper colors and better performance in low light.

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