Price change query



My wife and I share an account, and last week she bought a Moto E4 priced at $99. I purchased the same phone last night and it was $129.

I’m wondering why the $30 price increase in little over a week.



As you probably know, this is a customer-to-customer forum, and although staff drops in from time-to-time, you’re not likely to get an answer on this query…

Your guess is as good as anyone elses… The E4 MSRP is the $129 that it is now selling for. Republic’s price has been a discount and that’s fairly unusual for Republic. It could be any of a million things. Maybe the increase is temporary. Maybe the price they were getting from Motorola changed. Maybe they gave the discount thinking most phones would be activated with Republic, but people are buying the discounted phones and activating elsewhere. Maybe it was intended as a launch promotion all along.

Bottom line… Who knows?


The limited time 99$ price just happened to end between the days you purchased the phones.


Fair enough, thank you for your reply.


Thank you very much, more proof of a remarkable company. We’re grateful.


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