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Husband and I bought moto somethings about 5 years ago- our first smart phones. Pictures were terrible, but the calls and maps and other smart features were helpful. We had the rebate plan where Republic paid back what we didn’t use in Gigs. Had to replace the phone a couple months back and that payback plan is no longer available. So we went from paying about $25 a month for two phones to $47 a month for two phones. Of course the camera is way better which is helpful, but the extra $22 a month adds up. Why can’t we have the plan where they pay us back for unused Gigs.

Hi @ering.b4j64l,

Welcome to our Member Community, and thank you for taking the time to write to us with your concern.

The Refund plan is now a grandfathered plan, supported only on a limited number of Republic Wireless phones. We made this change in 2016, in order to be able to offer wider coverage options, more compatible phones, more frequent security updates, and the flexibility to bring phones purchased elsewhere to our service. You can read more about that decision, here:

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