Primary mic on Moto G4. Not working


Hi! I have a Moto G4 that I recently switched back to due to space. I purchased a new phone b/c the charging port wasn’t working. I took it to a shop and had it replaced, but kept using the new phone and kept the G4 as a back up.

After switching back, I tried making calls yesterday and the person on the other end couldn’t hear me and “OK google” wasn’t picking up anything either. Primary mic won’t pick up my voice at all.

Wondering if this is something I can solve myself or if the shop I took it to may have messed something up while replacing the charging port.

Any advice/help is appreciated!


I would suggest you return to the shop that ‘fixed’ it, hopefully they will stand by their work. If they repair it, you might want to use the Moto Device Help :motohelp: found in the :appsicon: and then the Fix tab to run the available Hardware Tests


Once the phone is opened up, it is very easy, unfortunately, to accidentally break something. Wires thinner than hair, contacts that may have been “iffy” in the first place can come undone. I suspect the operation to fix the charging port likely resulted in a non-working mic. I suggest you return the phone to the shop and see if they can repair the mic. I would guess that there is a 50/50 chance they can repair it.

If they cannot repair the mic, I think most would agree that it would be appropriate to at least refund the charge for fixing the charging port.


Unfortunately, they give you a waiver before performing any maintenance on a device in case something goes awry. And there’s very limited shops available in my area and those that are available, work mostly on ios.

Is there anyway I could use my secondary/cam mic in the primary’s stead?


I suppose it would be possible for an experienced tech to make the switch. But, it’s a roll of the dice as to how well it would work. I would think it would be easier to attempt a repair of the original mic, if the mic, itself, was not damaged. I’m thinking the problem is more likely a severed connection that could possibly be repaired with a little solder. The phone isn’t much good without a mic. So, It’s worth a try. Maybe the shop won’t charge you for the repair, since they broke it in the first place.


I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to ask them. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:


Sorry you’re experiencing this problem and wish you the best.
For others that may happen upon this discussion:

  • Don’t forget your manufacturer’s warranty (normally 1 full year) is often extended for an additional year by your credit card company. So you may want to check your warranty dates and determine ahead of time what if any extension you may get with your CC


I believe it’s already out of warranty, but I appreciate it, nonetheless.


Once the phone is opened up by a non-authorized repair shop, the warranty is voided. Specific to the broken mic…

Motorola: What’s not covered
"Unauthorized service. Defects or damage resulting from someone other than Motorola or a Motorola authorized service center servicing, testing, adjusting, installing, maintaining, altering, or tampering with the Products."


I am having the same problem with my Moto G4 Plus. After getting my charge port replaced in Feb. I installed an update. Shortly after I noticed that callers could no longer hear me. The shop replaced the mic, but the problem was not solved. Blowing or tapping on the mic can be heard. Voice cannot. The shop said that they would check into possible software issues, but I have heard nothing back yet. Running in safe mode, cache clean, and factory reset have not worked.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?


As @beachb stated above, you unfortunately are out of luck, unless the repair shop was Motorola Authorized.
You may want to see if your Credit Card might be of some help, they sometimes extend warranty and may not be as strict (but I wouldn’t bet on it)


Doesn’t it seem strange that sounds like blowing and tapping on the mic are picked up but speech is not? This was confirmed by using hardware test on device help.


Have you done a thorough web search to see if others have had the issue and possible solutions? We and your shop may not have all the answers that may be available.



So far this is the closest I have come to finding someone with the identical issue. I will continue searching and post any findings.


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