Prime day deal to avoid

(notice the condition). :no_mouth:


Is this because you’ve tried it before and it was too rough on tender butts?


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Well, excuse me, Your Highness. It clearly says it’s in good condition. So it’s slightly used… :sweat_smile:


It may be recycled corn cobs newly pressed . So it would be used slighty.

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What you dont want used TP?

Actually, it was the “Professional Series” that caught my attention. Still, I’m all-in for recycling, but that’s going a bit too far.



I will never understand how that tp is considered “professional grade”.

When you get older and have a teenage son that likes spicy food, you’ll know why you need professional grade toilet paper.


If you need professional grade, and the used toilet paper is unacceptable, perhaps Amazon has a factory refurbished option available, so as to still save some money. :grin:

not a prime day deal but I once saw a can of Fogers coffee on Amazon costing more than $1000
and it was just a can of coffee…
never know what you find and for how much…

btw did you click on the link to report that there was a problem with the item so amazon could fix it???

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" * PROFESSIONAL CASE PACK containing 60 rolls which helps with efficiencies of ordering, handling and storing"

Oh and if you need to it also:

" * COORDINATES with Angel Soft Ultra Professional Series® Facial Tissue boxes for an image-enhancing look"

Used just means a box that was returned unopened and now cannot be sold as New.

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