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is there any way to print out/ copy to computer texts from my g5plus

Hi @samb,

There is currently no way to print text messages from the Anywhere desktop app, if that’s the question.

It is possible to both print and backup text messages on the phone. For printing, I’ve used this app:

For backup:


thanks for the reply. I tried the print hammermill, but it only prints endless blank pages?
I selected the messages and my printer is listed


You can copy and past individual messages in RA desktop to another program such as email or a word processor.

You can then print from the other program.


I don’t know what is RA?

Republic Anywhere.


brain freeze! I have too many for that

OK thanks, I was able to download the RA desktop app and copy and paste to notepad then print.
thanks again

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I’m sorry to hear that. I just tested it on my phone and it continues to work for me. I suppose there’s always a phone printer combination that might give it trouble.

Anyway, I see you found an alternative solution, so I won’t further pursue it.

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