Printing from SmartPhone


I want to be able to print documents, etc. from phone to my network printer.


What type of printer do you have? For instance I do all my printing off my Moto X Pure- at home I have an Epson printer. What I needed to do was go to Google Play store and download an Epson printer app. Once downloaded, when I go to an item I want to print, I click on Google settings icon (the 3 horizontal dots on upper right hand side of phone), hit print, and the Epson app opens from there. I can select number of pages, preview, etc. like typical desktop computer printing. Hope this makes sense


Hi @wimatthuss,

I don’t have the need to print from my phone often, however, I’ve used this app to do so:

It prints most anything on an Android phone to a wide variety of printers.


That’s good to know. Since I have Epson printer, I assumed I needed Epson app. Makes sense to use this app though since so many different printers out there.


You’re quite correct EPSON and most other printer manufacturers have their own app, which make perfect sense to use. Hammermill makes paper, so (for them and me) an app that prints on a wide variety of printers seems like a great idea.

@wimatthuss understandably posted this to Questions & Answers, however, I think it may turn into more of a General Discussion. I’m not certain there is one correct answer for this as a number of credible solutions exist.


This is most definitely the app that has the most compatibility across the board. I have a printer connected to my DD-WRT flashed router, and I was trying for a long time to figure out how to print anything from my android devices (there are quite a few devices in my household). The Hammermill app worked the best for me, and believe me, I tried almost every printing app in the Play Store.


I have an HP Envy 4501.I can do that.Thanks againMatt




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