Printing Text Messages

What phone do you have? motog6

What plan are you on? Republic Wireless

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

How can I print Anywhere text messages? I see that Republic Wireless does not provide this capability. I was using Hammermill Print, but they recently shut off the option to print SMS messages. I have downloaded a few other print apps (HP &/or Epson), but they have not worked. What have you found to work?

Hi @krissy,

Hammermill Print has been my app of choice for this in the past, so I’m sorry to hear printing SMS messages is no longer supported. You might try this one:

Otherwise, I don’t have a specific suggestion. A general Google Play Store search is linked here:

Edited to Add:

I see Hammermill dropped the ability to print text messages from its app due to a change in Google’s policies. That being the case, it’s likely a matter of time before other apps lose the ability to do so as well.


Correct, Google for security and privacy reasons, now enforces hard limits on app permissions. Meaning, many apps are not allowed to access your contacts, pictures, text messages, call logs etc. The app developer can submit their app for an exception, but it has to meet very strict policies and most devs do not wish to take the time and work to redo their app to meet the criteria, or the app is just not allowed anymore. This is very very good thing as there are so many apps out there that have no need to access such things and have been proven to be sending your data to questionable sites and selling them to help fuel the robo/spam call industry etc.

U can just take screen shots of things u need to save, then send the pics to your email or download the images to PC, and print those. Not as ideal or easy, but it is the option that should always work.

That works great. Thank you so much for your help!


Thank you for your response. I appreciate you sharing the background to these changes.

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