Prioritize wifi networks -- how?


When I get home, Republic connects my Moto G to the Xfinity Wifi network (probably one of my neighbors), rather than my own personal secure home Wifi network (with a different node name). How do we instruct the phone’s Republic app to prioritize the wifi network it connects to?

Whenever it comes in range to my home network, I want it to connect to mine, rather than others. I use the Xfinity Wifi network in other locations because it is so prevalent. I recall we could prioritize networks in the past by simply ordering them in our preferred range in the network settings list. I don’t see a way to do that now. Thanks for any help.


Hi @danp.7al1u0,

Republic’s app doesn’t prioritize available WiFi networks and Google removed the ability to do so from Android settings with Android 5.1 (Lollipop). For what it’s worth, Google believes Android can do a better job automatically.

Forgetting the network you don’t wish to connect to would be the officially prescribed solution. I understand the drawbacks this introduces if one wants to use Xfinity’s WiFi hotspots. This app may help:


Nice app @rolandh. I never thought to look for something like this.
I always used WiFi Quick Login & it always did it’s job logging into where I wanted.


You can also shut off the “xfinity wifi” on your router by using the instructions here

ETA: If it is your neighbor, give them these instructions unless they have intentionally left that xfinity hotspot on!


If it’s his router:


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