Privacy issue/data breach?

I was an RW customer but haven’t had any service with the company for 1+ years. Just got an email out of the blue today containing a tracking number for a UPS package to Colorado. I never lived in CO, and don’t even live close to CO. Is this simply a case where it was a mix-up? What I’m more afraid of is someone breaching my account and using it to order things.

Would love to talk to an RW employee to get to the bottom of this ASAP



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Wow, that is weird. Please come back and tell us how this happened.

Did the live chat, RW opened a ticket. Will update when I learn more info

This is definitely concerning. While you wait for a response on your ticket, just a few questions. So the email came from Republic? Has your Credit Card been charged at all?

@southpaw@rw Care to chime in here?

My own support interaction told me that it was due to a change in their systems that they executed yesterday causing the issue. I have been assured that no order was placed, I have been charged for nothing, and there was no account breach.

Hi @samuels.fh02tv ,

I’m very sorry I didn’t see your question earlier. Thank you @louisdi for bringing this to my attention.

We are investigating the cause of these E-mails, but there has been no order placed on your account (I checked) and your account has not been breached.

As Louis explained, the E-mail messages are being sent in error due to some system migration we are undergoing. I know it’s a very alarming message to receive.

Thank you for creating a support ticket to allow us to look into it. I’m sure the support team will also follow up if you have any additional questions.

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