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I have received 3 calls in the last two days which showed on my samsung s7 as “private number” and would not allow me to answer. all 3 callers are in my contacts. does anyone else have this problem?

It’s possible the callers are blocking their numbers. Have you asked them?


Private number would be an indication that the caller is blocking caller ID when calling you. How have you ascertained these particular calls were coming from folks in your contacts? Might you elaborate on “would not allow me to answer”? What happens when you try? Lastly, have you added any call blocking apps to your phone that might be set to block private numbers?

Yes, it’s a problem. I’m on a J3. Both my J3 sometimes has this problem. these are known good calls from known good contacts with saved contacts in the address book.

Last time I had to reinstall the RW app and tap in the #74 whatever registration number again to register the phone. It’s been happening again. Had a tester call in and it worked. But I still can’t tell if I am missing legit calls or not. This is a business phone, I can’t have this. The caller got a message about not being able to connect the call. A client may email me letting me know my phone system is not working. But they may not. a new client certainly will not. When I answer the call, the phone does not pick up. it just keeps ringing. There is an error in the software.

I’m having this problem too. I’m Samsung Galaxy J3. The people calling me tell me it rings once and then goes straight to my voicemail. , @farvision , @margoc.wye35a , and anyone else experiencing this issue:

If you have not already done so, please open a support ticket on this topic and give as much detail as you can about what is happening. If you can, please provide call examples (the number that called and the time and date). Doing so will allow us to examine those calls in our call logs.

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