PRL Update Error


I checked to make sure all RW services were operational, but when I go to update my PRL, i get:
Error updating PRL

I tried rebooting the phone, and got the same error.
It connects to the Internet fine.

This is a Moto X1 on the old $25 beta plan.



COMMS_SOCKET_ERROR means the phone is failing to properly communicate with the update server. The most common solution is to:

  1. Start with restarting the phone and trying again.
  2. If that doesn’t work, use a different wifi network.


I had tried rebooting the phone, and that did not work over Comcast.
That is weird because everything was working over the Comcast other than a PRL update.
I then fired up my Karma WIFI backup device (uses Sprint), and connected to it, and it worked.
Thanks, I don’t know why that is not working.


I just tried it over Comcast again, and it worked fine. Makes no sense!
At least it is working now.
Thanks again for the help!


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