PRL Update for Moto G5 Plus


Anyone out there know how to update the Preferred Roaming List (PRL) on a Moto G5 Plus phone (CDMA) that has been upgraded to Android 8.1? I can no longer find this setting.


Hi @ryand.wsr2ce,

Please see if Republic’s guidance remains relevant: How to Update the Preferred Roaming List on a Motorola 3.0 Phone – Republic Help.


Thanks but no. This guidance is no longer relevant.


Sorry, a bit of a guess, but does this get you there?

  1. Make sure your phone is connected to WiFi
  2. Open Settings
  3. Tap Network & Internet
  4. Tap Mobile network
  5. Tap Advanced (you may not see this, in which case, please jump to step 6)
  6. Tap Carrier settings
  7. Tap Update PRL


I can confirm that the PRL update seams to have been removed in some Moto Oreo builds [it’s no longer showing on my Moto Z2 Play with CDMA iSIM, does not show up for a search of settings [I searched for PRL (nothing showed up)]


Kind of what I though I’d hear. The option to update PRL is completely missing on my phone since the update to Oreo that happened a few weeks ago. Not sure if this is cause for concern, but I’ll assume no for now.


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