Probably a dumb question about a lost phone


I left my Moto on an airplane, contacted the airline but am pretty sure I’ll never see it again.
I plan to buy a replacement. Will the apps on my old phone automatically transfer to the new phone? What about contacts/phone numbers? is all that stuff saved in the cloud somewhere? thanks for any help!


Apps download from the Google play store should give an option to download to the new phone during set-up
as for contacts as long as you set up syncing to your google account (or some other mail account like outlook/hotmail) they should sync up when you link the gmail/email account to the phone
to check google account contacts go here and log in to your account


Thank you!


If you had it enabled on your phone before you lost it, and the phone is still powered on somewhere, from a desktop browser you can login to to get the GPS location of your phone on a map, play a ringing sound for up to 5 minutes (for when you lose it in the couch cushions), or remotely wipe it if you fear it is permanently lost and you want to remove all personal data.


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