Problem answering phone calls

I have a moto x phone. I have been on Republic wireless since 2015 using this same phone.

I am not sure what my plan is but it includes talk and text plus data. My bill shows Republic Refund ™ base plan + 1 GB Cell Data.

My problem is that when my phones rings, there is no ability to answer the call. The phone stays on my home screen. I can get to the call if I quickly hit the phone icon, which asks me if I want to ‘return to the call-in progress’. If I hit that option in time, I can answer the call. Very odd. Used to work normally (I’d get a call; my screen would show the call with the ability to answer it).

This problem appeared suddenly and I am unable to resolve it.

Hi @ronaldr.zg8fsn and welcome to the Community!

Thank you for the detailed description! Please see if this helps:

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Thank You, this solved the problem.



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