Problem connecting to network when WiFi is unavailable (Interim Title, awaiting user feedback)

Had same problems. Ended up by canceling service and bought a new I phone and new number and another service. Still have another phone with Republic, but having major problems with connecting to network when Wi-Fi unavailable. Busy signal, dropped calls, etc. May drop Republic all together, but at present cannot afford to lose existing phone number

Hi @thomast.fny1mo,

I’ve moved your topic from the conversation where you originally posted, because I think there may be some confusion as to what the issue in the other topic was. I don’t see any history on your account of any attempts to move a number to Republic Wireless, nor any requests for help doing so. So I don’t think any problem you experienced was the same as that in the topic where you posted.

I do see where you asked about moving a number away from Republic. Did you have some trouble getting a different carrier to transfer your number to them? I see you spoke with a couple of our Experts a few months about finding your account number and PIN, and that both Experts gave you the correct information.

It seems it’s too late to help with that particular transfer at this point, but we can see what we can do about the service you still have with us. It sounds like you are experiencing some coverage-related issues. I’d like to send you a new SIM card and see if you notice a difference. The new SIM card would not change your plan or your phone number, and changing SIM cards does not affect any of the personal content on your phone. There would be no charge for the new SIM card. Would you like to give it a try?

Hi @thomast.fny1mo

  • To help the community help you would you please provide the following
    • Which phone is experiencing the problem on the Republic network?
    • What have you already tried to overcome this problem?
  • To go along with the offer of a SIM card change from @southpaw, if you provide your Zipcode, you may get some additional input from users

Hi @jben,

I’ve already analyzed the coverage in @thomast.fny1mo’s area. He won’t need to provide his Zip code.

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