Problem G7 , upgrading to G Power, transferring info

Got G7 June ‘19, problems from about August ‘19. Finally can’t stand it anymore (have to charge now 1 or 2x a day that’s what finished it 4 me) so bought Moto G Power. So, when I receive the Power and try to transfer information will the probs transfer also? Randomly shuts down-when not in use , finger print sensor only works once in awhile (redid repeatedly) so use only code now, randomly moves apps around,

Also, used old RW sim in last phone…can I use it again in the new phone?

Hi @shari2,

Unless the problems are related to an app conflict, no. To rule out an app conflict, you might consider starting the G7 in safe mode. If the phone still behaves poorly while in safe mode, the issues aren’t related to an app conflict. if, on the other hand, the phone does behave better in safe mode, the problems aren’t device related.

If the SIM in question already moved from one Republic compatible phone to another, it would move to the new Moto G Power also.

In the interest of candor, there is a known issue with both the Moto G Power and the Moto G Stylus. That and a workaround is noted by Republic here:

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Would a G Fast be better? I just canceled the Power but can replace order if necessary. Dropped calls(I did read the workaround you sent) would drive son so crazy (phone is for me but most calls are from/to him.

The Moto G Power is a more robust phone, however, the Moto G Fast is also a fine phone. The Moto G Fast has the virtue of being currently on sale for $149 at Republic’s online store and does not suffer from the app conflict mentioned in the previously referenced help article.

I would point out if the workaround for the unfortunate circumstance on the Moto G Power were employed, calls wouldn’t drop and the workaround is intended to be temporary pending a permanent fix from Motorola. It’s unclear to me how your son would be affected by the workaround since it would prevent dropped calls.

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