Problem making a call from a Republic account/phone

Your question: Call from a Republic wireless account (phone) does not go thru to a phone number that was a previous Republic wireless account but now transferred to a new carrier. Just get a busy signal. What is wrong?

Hi @jerryh.v912vv

You should review the troubleshooting section of this document.

Make and Receive a Phone Call

Let us know if this helps resolve the issue you are experiencing.

Hi @jerryh.v912vv,

@c1tobor’s advice is a good start. I’m wondering from your description though; is the issue just with this one number? If you know, how long ago was the number you’re calling transferred from Republic? Are you able to call other Republic Wireless numbers. Do you know someone with another Republic phone that might call this number to see if they get the same result? The purpose of all the questions is to determine if there may be a routing issue to the number you’re calling.

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