Problem Setting Up New Phone

I lost my phone about 10 days ago. I ordered a new phone which arrived today.

I also asked RW support to deactivate the old phone, as I suspected it might have been stolen.

The new phone is a Samsung Galaxy A12.

I am trying to setup the new phone, but hit a snag. The automated set up asked me to set up a Samsung account, which I did.

The next screen is:
“Verify your phone number. To be sure its really you, we’ll send you a code through a text message.”

Since I have no activate phone, how do I read this text to get the code?

Never mind. Got it sorted.

Hi @craigz.v3zn3d,

Welcome to our Member Community. I’m sorry no one had any ideas for you right away.

I was going to suggest that perhaps you could activate the phone first, then go back and set up the Samsung account, which is optional, but I was hoping someone who has actually hit that same snag would reply.

For the sake of others who might experience the same thing in the future, could you tell us how you got it taken care of?

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