Problem Texting Videos Outside Republic


Nexus 5x
3.0 plus 1G
1 Gig cell data

I took a 20 second video on my phone yesterday. I can text it to other Republic phones, but non-Republic phones do not receive it.


Generally, videos can’t really be texted. They are too big for MMS. Even when they do send, they tend to compress incredibly highly and look terrible at the other end. I would suggest using the “share” capability in either the Google Photos App or YouTube (videos can be private) to share videos.


There can be many issues with intercarrier MMS. File size may be an issue. Intercarrier file size limits are typically 300-600kb. A message that exceeds the other carrier’s limits is typically rejected and doesn’t reach the intended recipient. As pointed out earlier, you’ll be more successful sharing the video using Google Photos, YouTube, a social media platform, or even e-mail.

Here’s the Republic Wireless troubleshooting guide:

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