Problem using Signal App for texting with Republic


I’m new to Republic and new to using the Signal App. When I use Signal for texting, it seems to be using up my data. My plan has unlimited texting. Does Signal change that? If so, is it true for phone calls as well? AND, is there a way around it?


Where are you checking data usage? In the Republic App or in Android Settings?Texting uses data we just separate that if the data type is text.So either you are reading this from the Android settings, which is the wrong place, or Signal is not sending these messages as a text and is using the Internet itself.

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Thank you, I will check and see.


Yes and no.

If you’re using Signal to exchange encrypted messages with other Signal users, then yes your cell data allotment will be used. This is because when sending or receiving among other Signal users, the message is bypassing normal SMS/MMS carrier routing (necessary for encryption to work). The behavior is expected and cannot be avoided when exchanging encrypted messages.

If using Signal as your default messaging app and exchanging SMS/MMS messages with others not using Signal, you should not be using cell data for which you’re paying.


Thank you so much for a thorough answer. I don’t really care about using Signal, but it is a requirement to be a Legal Observer for the ACLU. We are having lots of protests here in St. Louis. Maybe I will cross that volunteer opportunity off my list!! LOL. Thanks again!

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