Problem with Anywhere on S8

I just got a brand new Galaxy S8 and when I’m using my phone and a text pops up via Anywhere, I can swipe the notification down and press “Reply via SMS” and type my message without actually opening the Anywhere app. The problem is, when I press “Send” after typing my message, it will close whichever app is currently open on my screen.

Hi @christopherl.albdmz,

Thanks for the feedback, and great job describing the issue so clearly.

I’ve tested on a Moto X Pure and the app being used does not close when I send the reply, so we know it’s not a universal problem. Could I get a few more details from you?

  1. What version of Android is on the phone?
  2. What version of the Anywhere app is on the phone?
  3. Can you duplicate this behavior if you switch to Android Messages? :messages:

and for others in the Community:

Can anyone else duplicate this on:
a. Another Samsung phone
b. Another phone on the same Android version and Anywhere version as @christopherl.albdmz

Android 8.0.0
Anywhere 1.2.4
Cannot duplicate on the Android Messages app.

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