Problem with instructions to combine RW accounts

I recently married another RW phone user (Yeah for us!). Actually, I got her started using RW, saving a lot of money each month. Maybe part of why she agreed to marry me. That is all good. What is NOT good: her phone is currently disabled for the entire weekend, thanks to very imperfect instructions from RW.

The article at How to Move a Phone and Number to a New or Other Account – Republic Help explains the several steps to do what we wanted. What is NOT clear is that if the process is not completed by mid-afternoon on Friday, the moving phone number will be OUT OF SERVICE FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND. The only people who can accomplish the number move are only around M-F, 9-5.

This is a BIG issue for us, due to special family events this weekend. My new wife’s RW phone is assigned a random new number which nobody knows. Until some time on Monday. With no escalation or help possible.

There, I have vented. If anyone can help, please do. For now, we are just angry.

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I agree, it should be clearer in the help document. It won’t help you, but it will help others so I’ve submitted a document update request to have that information clearly added.

Hi @clint_s,

I’ll take care of this in a few minutes. You won’t have to wait until Monday.


Hi @clint_s,

I’ve taken care of the number and replied in the ticket. I’m sorry for the frustration that you have experienced and I’ll be working with the agents who assisted you to improve their understanding of our process.

I’ve also updated the KCS article with a note at the beginning that should serve as a warning to others in this situation.


Wonderful @southpaw! (not coincidence? My wife is left handed.)

It did not make sense to me that RW would have such a deficient process for something which must happen more than once in a year. That the ONLY way to accomplish such a change required the special high powers of a M-F team doesn’t fit the current RW.

Faith restored in RW! Or, at least in @southpaw!

We will answer via the “ticket” (or in RW speak, Request) about how text messages via Anywhere are not yet working well. But many, many thanks for helping!



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