Problem with Republic Anywhere has developed on phone

Samsung Galaxy S9+

My Choice + 1 GB Data

Data included in plan.

Issue Description

The Republic Anywhere app on my phone has started to develop errors. When I send a text message via Republic Anywhere on my phone, the response I some times receives is identified incorrectly on the return response. Only happens on about 4 or 5 contacts outs of 30 that I text frequently. But once it happens, the error persists on that contact name. Yet the Republic Anywhere app on my Mac Book Pro shows the correct contact information always.

Should I delete and reinstall The Republic Anywhere app on my phone? Will this fix problem or is there something else to do?

Should I also do something to verify the names and numbers on my Phone Contact List?

BTW, this problem developed after no problem for about 3 years.

You can try deleting it and reinstalling it but if that doesn’t work the answer is to use Google’s Messages instead.

I will try to delete and reinstall. But as I said Republic Anywhere had been working properly for the last 3 years on both my Samsung Galaxy S9+ and my 15" Mac Book Pro. And it is still fine on the Mac Book Pro. Thanks for suggestions. I’ll let you know what happens

I understand that it has been working properly but as it is no longer being developed new problems have been cropping up recently. When there’s one of those issue that isn’t resolved via removing and reinstalling Repubilc recommends that you move from Anywhere to Google’s Messages.

I don’t have a solution, but wanted to let you know it’s been happening to me too, except that the name is incorrect on my mac, and fine on my phone!

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