Problem With Setting up a New Moto G4 Play


Setting up a new Moto G4 Play from a Moto E 2nd gen. When go to “set up nearby device” on the Moto E and follow instructions both phones display the identical code, blue tooth is on, but when I tap next I get the message “sorry, something went wrong”. I have tried several times with the same result. Any ideas?



Hi @ericp.yrc1ai,

It sounds like the two phones might be trying to exchange data through NFC (near field communication) but it will not work because the Moto E does not have NFC capabilities. Therefore you are getting the message “something went wrong.” It is okay to skip this process and continue with the activation as replacement for existing line of service. Activate My Phone

If you have used your Google account to back up the Moto E device, then the Moto G4 Play will automatically restore your contacts, calendar and apps, once you have enter your Google account onto that device. You can use Google Photos to backup your photos if you haven’t already done so.