Problem with speaker on Moto G 3rd Gen


My wife has a Moto G 3rd Gen phone. The speaker recently stopped working. It would still vibrate when a call came in, but there was no sound with the ringer, text notifications, videos, etc. We made sure the sound wasn’t muted and the volume was up, and also turned the phone off and back on. After 3 days, the speaker made a crackling sound and started working again. It’s been about 4 days since the speaker started working again and she hasn’t had any more issues so far. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Any ideas on what might have caused this to happen? Thanks.


Was the phone jarred or dropped recently? Sometimes a hard hit lodges or dislodges connections inside the phone. Hey it happens what can I say!

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Fortunately few people experience that problem and I have not. As mentioned in previous reply there’s a possibility it was caused by a hardware issue. If it does reoccur you may want to restart the phone in safe mode to eliminate an app issue. Occasionally an updated app will cause problems for a short period of time until the developers update the update. Do you have auto-update enabled in your Play settings? Did you have a chance to check for sound from the audio socket? Good luck and hope it continues to function good for a long, long time.

My speakers quit working after about 10 months. Just got a replacement in the mail today.

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