Problems due to an overheated battery?


I have been having a lot of problems with my second generation Moto X phone. I have cleared the cache multiple times, have restarted it, and have deleted quite a few apps, hoping it will solve the problems, but nothing is working. It is only getting worse. Here is what is going on:

-The battery life is horrible. Within 4 hours it will go from 100% to 16% battery
-At 15% it shuts down and takes a lot longer to charge than when I first got the phone
-I send a message but it takes anywhere from 1 minute to 2 hours to send
-When I want to open the camera app, it takes about 2 minutes to load up
-When I am typing (messages, notes, texting, searching etc), sometimes the keys will get freeze and the app will shut down
-People have told me that they called me or texted me, however on my end, I received nothing from them
-When I do get a call, sometimes it will only ring 4 times and then show that I have a missed call
-Other times, I will try to swipe the phone icon to answer it and it will move right back to the center, not allowing me to answer
-The apps take a while to open and then will suddenly shut down while I am using them
-Occasionally I get the message that I need to put in a SIM card/it is put in wrong. The SIM card is in there and I have never taken it out before

I have had the phone for about 3 years. Only at the beginning of this year did it start to have these problems. It started small, however, now it is constant. As well, my phone is always really hot. I think that is why there are so many things wrong with it. It is over heating. How do I keep it from over heating?



Given all the symptoms you’ve been describing, there are a couple of possibilities:

  1. The phone battery is approaching the end of its useful life. 3 years isn’t that uncommon as far as a length of time before battery failure.
  2. An app or combination of apps is misbehaving, causing the heating that you’re experiencing.
  3. Most likely, a combination of the above.

Although a bit painful, it would probably be a good idea to factory reset the phone and then reinstall only the apps that you use normally,


I would suggest a full factory rest. It could be a victim of a malicious app.

If the phone still has very bad battery life after that, then the battery it self if quite worn and you could take it to a repair shop like C.P.R (Cell Phone Repair) to replace the battery.


I had most of those symptoms about 6 months ago with my Moto G4 Plus. The volunteer/community and techs at RW had me clear my cache, and even do a factory reset. When that didn’t work the RW techs told me I needed a new phone. I googled my issue, and saw recommendations on other sites to just replace the battery. I did that, and it worked PERFECTLY, everything was fixed. (I really regret the factory reset - what a bother!)

However, in the past couple of days my phone started acting up again. Power goes down incredibly fast, even when I’ve got all the apps closed and the screen turned off. Sometimes it charges quickly, sometimes it doesn’t. The camera app will crash the whole thing and turn the phone off. I’m going to get another new battery installed, to buy me some time to figure out what other kind of phone I want to replace this with. The phone is only about a year and a half old, so this is very frustrating.


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