Problems playing back Voice Mails


What phone do you have? Moto E4

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes, includes data

Issue Description

When I receive a voice mail, I often cannot play them back, or there is silence if they do play back. Restarting my phone seems to resolve things, but I’m wondering if there might be some other fix that I don’t know about.

Thanks all–and a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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I have found that sometimes it takes a few minutes from when the notification shows up to when the voicemail downloads to the phone. So, if I try to listen to the voicemail right-away it doesn’t
work…but if I try in a few minutes it usually works fine. I am curious if the restart is fixing your issue or is it just passage of time?

If you browse to
Downloads -> Republic -> Voicemail

you should be able to see all your voicemail files in mp3 format.

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Thanks, amitl. I was trying to listen to a voice mail message 5 hours after it came in, so I would have thought it would have been ready to play.


The next time you experience the issue, take a look at that folder and see if the mp3 file exists, so that you can narrow it down to whether the issue is caused because your voicemail is failing to download or if the phone app is unable to replay it.

Is this issue happening while you are on WiFi or Cellular or both?

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Hi @christophert.d5k7ws,

This is a very unusual issue you’ve described, and not one our Member Community has seen before. Have you been able to solve it?

Have you made sure your phone’s operating system and the Republic app are updated to the latest versions?

Have you ever noticed if the issue is consistent on only Wi-F or only Cell, or if it happens equally on both?

Sometimes unusual voicemail issues are resolved if you refresh the Republic Activation.


Hi southpaw. Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately the only thing that seems to really resolve this is to restart my phone. I have updated my operating system and the Republic app. I cannot say for sure if this has happened on WiFi or not as I cannot recall. It HAS happened repeatedly on cell. I will take a look at refreshing the Republic Activation and see if that does anything. Thanks!!!

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Sounds like one of those weird problems that might benefit from a cache clearing?


Hi @muerte33,

Clearing the cache is a great troubleshooting step for odd cases like this, so I hope @christophert.d5k7ws will give that a try and let us know if it helps. Two other things I’d try:

Open the RW app, tap the Settings gear, scroll down and tap “Reset Republic connections” and then tap the green button.

If that doesn’t solve it, the next thing to try would be to refresh the republic activation.


Thanks for continuing to offer tips. I still have problems here and there, so I’ll try these suggestions. Also, this could be helpful for my two daughters who have some other phone “glitchiness” at times.

Thanks all!!!


Some of the suggestions seem to help a bit, but I am still having problems playing back voice mails. They simply won’t play, or they play and there’s no sound. Also my sound issues have now expanded to where my google maps doesn’t have audio for turn-by-turn directions even though the sound is clearly turned on. I am starting to lose hope that my Moto E4 will ever be right again…


I even spent a good deal of time with two folks from Motorola, and they walked me through some things, but to no avail.


Hi southpaw , I completely missed the note from you about refreshing the republic activation. I’m giving that a go…


@christophert.d5k7ws, is Bluetooth turned on??


Yes, I have been leaving Bluetooth on since I have it in my new car. I’ll have to try turning it off to see if that helps.


Thanks again, southpaw!


Ok, don’t thank me until we see if it helps…

Here’s what I’m thinking, and it comes from personal experience. Perhaps with Bluetooth on, the phone is paired to something when you don’t expect that it is, which would mean the audio is playing through that paired device instead of the phone’s speakers.

I’ve often had my phone auto-pair to my car, had my car set to radio, and wondered why I couldn’t hear the maps navigation. In that case it’s because the phone is sending the audio to the car, but since I have the car playing the radio rather than the Bluetooth audio, i can’t hear it. The car can’t play both.

Other times, at work, I’ve had my phone paired to my headphones, put the headphones down on my desk and walked over to a “telephone room” to make a phone call. I place the call and wonder why I can’t hear anything. It’s because the call audio is still being sent to my headphones, which are still back on my desk. (And where you can hear my call recipient saying, “Hello? Hello? Southpaw? Hello?”)

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about the fact that I have done these things and been baffled by them more than once. :dizzy:

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