Problems switching from wifi plan (2.0) to base plan


Republic 2.0. Currently overseas, so had switched to the wifi only plan. Traveling back to the US on Saturday, and won’t be connected to wifi there, so trying to change back to Base Plan + 0.5 GB Cell Data.

Opened the Republic app 3 days ago and while connected to wifi, requested the change. It seemed successful, and email confirmation of the change has been received. But when the Republic app is started, that app main page, below the phone number, still showed “wifi plan”. Tried again today, same result, email received but plan in the app not updated.

Additionally, I can see charges on the credit card for both change attempts.

But the duplicate charge is a secondary concern, for now, just need to be sure that when arriving back in the US in 2 days that the phone can make and receive calls over the cell network.


Have you rebooted the phone & made sure the RW app is updated using wifi?


Hi @evek.waicmw,

Plan changes under Republic’s refund plan structure take place on one’s bill cycle date. That might explain the delay. If I’m right about that being the issue, there’s a way to achieve your goal.

You’d start by cancelling any pending plan change. Next step would be to upgrade to the $10 Base Plan with no cell data. That change should take place in a matter of minutes. Presuming that’s successful, you could reschedule the change to the Base Plan with 0.5 GB of cell data. If you need cell data before your bill cycle date, you may make a one-time purchase of cell data after changing to the $10 Base Plan. More about all this from Republic here: Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund – Republic Help.


The Wi-Fi-only plan is the exclusion to the rule. You can upgrade from the Wi-Fi only plan to any other level immediately.


The phone does need to go through a a couple of reboots and cellular activation…which is the step which is most likely hiccuping in the absence of cellular access. Unfortunately, that can’t happen until you return to the US.

If you are flying back, most airports have free WiFi, so you should be able to easily completely the upgrade back to the Base Plan + 0.5GB Data plan, once you land in the US.


amltl, do the reboots need to be done while connected to BOTH cell and wifi? Would the reboots work once she’s connected to cell?

This is actually for my mother’s phone, and she isn’t technically savvy. I’m not sure if she knows how to connect to a public wifi.


The reboot should happen automatically as soon as the phone sees a cellular signal. I don’t recall if a WiFi signal is necessary for this step.


The airport website should list info on how to connect to its WiFi. It can be daunting task…but if you
look it up, you should be able to explain it to her in advance. I will be happy to look it up if you let me know the airport.


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Hello all,

I recently encountered this same issue when returning to the US after traveling internationally. I switched to the WiFi-only plan following recommendations here for the duration of the trip.

During my return trip, I switched back to the 2.0 Base Plan + Data. I received confirmation from Republic that the switch was successful. Upon arrival in the US, I encountered the same issues that OP noted:

  • No access to the cellular network
  • RW application showed that WiFi-only plan was still active without data

I discovered that the following steps resolved this issue:

  1. “VOIP” your phone
  2. Update your data profile

After completing the first step, your phone will show 3G/4G signal and the RW app will show the correct plan. Unfortunately, I found that I still did not have access to cellular features (calls, texts, or data). The second step resolves that issue.

I hope this helps any future users. :blush:

Trevor Muhl