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I was vacationing in the Bahamas and at a place that has wifi. My wife has a republic wireless account also with MOTO G5. She was able to text through the wifi and I was not.
The phone said I neede3d an update and that everything would be set back to factory default. I did not proceed at the time with that course of action. Should I have done this then and what should I do now?

  • Have you put the phone in Airplane mode and re-enabled WiFi?
  • Could this have been the SCRTN warning was the result of ##SCRTN## ( ##72786## on the phone dialpad) … if so it is for Sprint only and is normally ignored as it resets the cell network … loses no user info/data.


I believe you’re spot on, however, the dialing sequence you reference works only with legacy phones. The equivalent sequence for factory unlocked 3.0 phones is *#*#72786#*#* We are seeing, however, attempting to reset cellular network settings on CDMA (and perhaps GSM) provisioned Republic 3.0 phones failing in the absence of compatible cell signal. WiFi alone seems not to be enough for 3.0 phones.

@kirkb.ljdm1u, if placing the phone in Airplane mode then manually reenabling WiFi doesn’t resolve the issue, I’m afraid it won’t resolve until you return home (or at least to the U.S.) This is why at @southpaw’s urging I updated the international travel article to reflect the importance of placing one’s 3.0 phone in Airplane mode then reenabling WiFi before departing U.S. soil.


Thank you. I did not think about doing that at the time. The time before I was overseas it worked and I had put it in airplane mode. That was probably the issue


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