Problems with an S7, it's a BYOD from T-Mobile



For the last month, the phone has been having issues with the internet. When you access it, it gives you a site cannot be reached error, on both Chrome and the Google Assistant. It worked for a bit on Opera, then back to nothing. Now, it is not sending or receiving texts out of the bare Google messaging app. I have not tried Anywhere on it yet, as this is my wife’s phone, and she’s not a fan of it. Also, when she places a call no one can hear her, and when you call her, she’s muffled, to the point of it’s hard to hear her on speaker phone with it against your head. Any thoughts on what’s going on with it?


Did anyone put a screen protector on the glass? ome protectors don’t have all the ports unblocked or it was maybe put on wrong.


No screen protector, but it does have a plastic case on it, thought it might be that so I took it off, to no avail.


Is this a T-Mobile version that was re-flashed with the 930U firmware? I only ask because my S7 works just hunky dory.


I have done nothing to it. My FIL gave it to my wife and she activated it on RW. He was unaware of any of this happening before the switch over.


There were some 930T (the T-Mobile version) that were re-flashed with 930U firmware and sold on eBay. I was speculating this might be the case and that the re-flashed models might not work properly. I’ve had my 930U on both T-Mobile and RW with good results. Did she get the box with it?


I doubt that is the case. My father in law would not have known how to do this, and they got it straight from T-Mobile. Did you BYOD on yours?


If it came from T-Mobile it likely isn’t the supported version, and therefore these types of issues are to be expected. Can you go to settings – About phone and tell us the model shown there?


Yes. I bought my 930U from Samsung. The 930U works with all major carriers. The 930T only works with T-Mobile. This is why I asked if you had the box with the MEID and model number on it.



That’s the issue, then. Just got this from her:



All right, new question. T-mobile finally unlocked it for use on other carriers, still SM-G930T, now that it’s unlocked, will it be better, or do we need to flash it to the “U” version?


Hi @russellb.udlu9a,

You would need to first flash the U firmware.


Is that hard to do? Is it okay to do? I don’t want to brick this.


The degree of difficulty is in the eye of the beholder. If you’ve never flashed a Samsung’s firmware before, I wouldn’t suggest going it alone. Perhaps a friend, or someone else local, would be comfortable helping?

There’s always some risk of bricking a phone when flashing firmware. Should that happen, Republic won’ be able to help and Samsung is unlikely to. One final thought, some Best Buy stores have Samsung stores (staffed by Samsung employees) located inside them. It would be entirely at their discretion but sometimes they’ll help with flashing firmware.


I have never flashed a phone at all before, too scared to try, but I do live down the street from a Best Buy, couldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks, Rolandh!


If it helps, once they’ve verified the unlocked status of your phone, let them know that Republic’s unique blended WiFi/cell service requires North American factory unlocked firmware. Carrier unlocking, which is what T-Mobile has done for you, isn’t sufficient. They may or may not be aware of this. Good luck!


Will do! I’ll update tonight! :smiley:


Went into Best buy, they will not flash to “U”. Explained why I needed it, and the guy understood, but said he can’t flash to that, it has to be bought with it, or I’d have to root it and flash it myself.


My experience is some Samsung reps will, others won’t. It’s entirely discretionary on their part and they’re probably not really supposed to. It was worth a shot.


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