Problems with Group Texts


What phone do you have?
Mote G3

What plan are you on?
Talk and Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Just talk and Text

Issue Description

I am having trouble sending and receiving group texts. When I try to send a text to even 2 people messages app says sending… for a really long time until it gives up and says message not sent. Same happens when downloading an incoming group text. I am using Android Messages on wifi network when this happens.


First I would suggest you update to Google Messages (it is the renamed/updated version of what you have) … if no fix then you may want to try Republic Anywhere


I’ll try updating google messages. I thought about switching to anywhere but the reviews are horrible. I don’t need any more headaches.


Seems to be working better so far with updated messages


So far I get the same performance on messages and anywhere…so I am sticking with Messages for the better UI
I do use anywhere on my desktop intermittently. I think it’s worthwhile to install it on the desktop just so you have an alternative way of accessing your messages just in case there was ever any issue with the phone.


Can you use messages on the phone and anywhere on a desktop?


Yes Republic Anywhere no longer requires anywhere be on your phone to use on another device or pc


Only caveat with this approach is that any messages that you send from your desktop will not sync to your non- Republic Anywhere App on the phone…but I rarely use my desktop to send text messages…so it is a non-issue for me.

I rarely use text messaging itself… I find Whatsapp much more suited for my texting needs…especially groups.
Of course, it requires the recipient also to use whatsapp…but most of my group texts are managed on whatsapp groups. Getting clear read receipts is important to me in group communications…so you can clearly see who has received and/or read your texts.


Thanks for the tip. I have 5 kids and I am often coaching and or managing and communicating with multiple groups of parents and players who are using mix of Android and Iphones. (I find that group messaging across phone platforms is also problematic since Iphone uses its own proprietary protocol). It is frustrating to not be able to send and receive group messages especially when when I send a group text and only some receive my messages. I like what’s app but since I am on a talk and text only plan it won’t work when I’m not on wifi and I can’t compel everyone else to get it. A lot of other coaches use Facebook messenger but I hate it and it doesn’t work me for the same reason as What’s App. I’ll try the anywhere desktop if it will at least show me when I receive messages and help monitor activity.


For what it’s worth, this is only true when one iPhone is communicating with another iPhone. When iPhones are communicating with Androids, it’s SMS and/or MMS like everyone else.


I just did a search and found that google has developed a desktop client for Messages. Do anyone know if this will work with Republic phones and sync like anywhere?


this is not a true desktop client but a web interface (It requires the phone be on and will uses a small amount of data) this is similar to other 3rd party web interface like push bullet, mighty text, yappy
where Anywhere inifaces with Republic serivers directly and may be used when a phone is offline (turn off or dead)
Other have reported that Google Messages web interface is working without issue with Republic phones


Thanks. I’ll check it out to see if it fits my needs. If not I’ll try Anywhere.


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