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Hi All,

My wife has been having issues with the default Messages App on her phone (Moto X Pure) starting this week, probably Tuesday/Wednesday.

The first issue she noticed, was that when she would text someone - sms or mms - their reply would show up in a different thread/conversation other than the person she initially texted. Really threw her for a loop! After a quick power cycle, the messages appeared to be back within the correct thread/conversation - crisis solved?

The latest issue for her, is that on Thursday (7/11), the Messages App has seemingly deleted ALL threads/conversations that hasn’t had any activity prior to Wednesday (7/10). Even the active threads have deleted messages prior to (7/10). Almost like it was a newly installed app with no prior history. There’s no traces in the archive section.

A couple details - our phones are running android 7.0, and her messages app is version 4.4.076. I had separate issues last year with the same app, and rolled mine back to it’s default version and disabling updates.

I’m curious if anyone else has had these problems, and if there’s a fix. Her app seems to be working fine now, but having lost a TON of messages and conversations is a bummer.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @garenc

I can’t explain why the texts got lost but you might want to consider using an app to backup texts that are important. Here is a link to an app that is frequently used and recommended:

As for the lost texts, your wife may be able to recover the past 30 days of messaging if she switches to Republic Anywhere as her default messaging app. Here is a link for that:

@garenc Are you still looking for assistance with this issue?

My apologies for not following up with the replies.
I did try installing Anywhere, it didn’t help with recovering any of the lost messages. Worth a shot though. I didn’t know if anyone else was having a similar issue, so I decided to post it. But the default Messages app is working fine now for her, just minus 2 years of texts. Weird hiccup I guess. I’m fine with closing this thread if no one else has had any problems.

Thanks for your help!

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