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2 weeks ago I switched from Moto G3 to Moto G7. After several years of constant problems with my G3 I was excited to get a phone that worked. I was talking with my sister-in-law yesterday and the G7 dropped the call 6 times. She was unable to hear me the last time we connected. I was unable to keep the refund plan I had on the G3 so went with the 1GB data. I am so frustrated I want to send the phone back for a refund and go with a different provider. Any suggestions before I go that route?

Hi Lucia, welcome to the community and sorry to hear about the issue you’re having! Were you connected to wifi when these dropped calls happened? Also, can you share your ZIP code? The reason I ask is that the G7 uses a different cellular partner than your G3 did. While your G3 used Sprint for its cellular capabilities, the G7 uses T-Mobile and I’d like to look at their coverage in your area.


We were in Fairfield Idaho visiting our son. The zip there is 83327. i was in the motorhome so not sure if it was using his wifi or picking up cellular. Fairfield is a pretty remote town so what you are saying makes sense. I love my G7 and really want it to work. Thank you for your help.

The GSM coverage in that area is pretty awful, so I’m not surprised to hear the coverage issues that you’re having there with the G7. If that’s an area you frequent you’ll want to move to the CDMA carrier that the G3 uses once that becomes available for the G7.

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Thanks Louis, I’ll do that. I’m glad it wasn’t the phone. Lucia

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