Problems with old phone number after switching to Metro PCS



Phone Brand: Motorola
Phone Model: Moto G
Phone Generation: 1
Plan: Not Sure
Plan Option: Talk and Text

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I bought an iPhone 7+ straight from Apple and set it up with Metro PCS and gave them my old phone number which was still connected to my Republic Wireless Moto G. Everything went smoothly and their test call worked. Later I changed the number on my republic phone from my old number to a new number.

However, I cannot receive calls or texts on my new iPhone, although none of them are redirected to my old phone either since I changed the number. On the phone with Metro PCS, they said that the porting problem isn’t finished because of something that Republic needs to do.

I’m wondering if I actually need to terminate my old Republic phone line even though I changed the number? Anything else I should know?


Hi @bradc.c67mg7!

The porting process is highly automated. The company responsible for the port (in this case, Metro PCS) is responsible for providing all the relevant information for the port. Republic does not hold your number hostage after receiving all the needed information. All that being said, when was this port initiated? Additionally, have they given you a port completion date?



If you changed your number before the port was complete, which was the only way you could have changed it, you relinquished control of the number and caused the port to fail. When a number is transferred, service on the line is canceled, so the fact that you’re able to change number, says that the port was not completed. If the port had been completed, you would have been reactivating the phone, rather than changing the number.

No one here can help you, you’ll need to open a ticket with support, to see if they can reactivate your old number, so that then the port can be completed to metro PCS properly.


Okay that’s super helpful, I have a ticket open right now so hopefully I can figure this all out before work tomorrow.


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