Problems with republic wireless’ help


Okay, I need to return my phone and cancel my service because of lack of customer service. How do I do that? I haven’t opened my phone or put any things in it. What EMAIL address or PHONE NUMBER should I call to start this process?

Should I just return the whole box and cancel any future charges with my credit card?

I have been trying to access the republic wireless help through their website for over two weeks. I have to do this from an iPad since my phone is broken. The help part of the website just reloads and reloads with an “This website reloaded because a problem occurred” generic message. I used a friends computer to order a new phone but didn’t go to help. Two suggestions/questions: 1. What’s wrong with help and 2. What are some other low cost carriers because I am really mad about no customer service…


Republic Help center servers do seems to have issues with Safari on iOS (and
most other browser are just shells that use safari interface due to Apple closed system) (disabling JavaScript does seam to help the issue)
here a blog published today about the ways how to get help

edit to add here a link to the document on How to Get Help from Republic Wireless – Republic Help
last resort a email to will create the ticket on the account that the email address is linked to

that said can you describe the problem with your phone perhaps this forum can give advice or walk you though some troubleshooting steps

edit again to change servers to Help Center and to add the disable Javascript seems to help the issue


Hi @carolec.kljh6s,

We do have a conflict with the Help Center and iOS, and I’m told that (for now) the pages work if Javascript is disabled in the iOS device’s browser.

Are you also having trouble opening a ticket from the account portal at Tickets | Republic Wireless?

As @drm186 linked, we’ve just published a blog about various ways to get help. If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know.


This is my experience and works reasonably well for loading individual help pages. Alas, other Republic web properties including the Community and My Account portal (which generally work fine on iOS) do not work properly with JavaScript disabled. Additionally, Help Center search will not work without JavaScript enabled.

It’s a kludge, however, if I had only an iOS device with which to view help articles, I would temporarily disable Javascript on the device and use Google to search if need be. I find appending the words Republic Help after what I’m searching for works reasonably well.

For Republic web properties other than Help Center, JavaScript should be left on.

tl;dr: The issue seems limited to the Help Center.


Another workaround is to use a Chrome Browser on iOS.

This is not the permanent fix, but may work better than the javascript disabling. @rolandh pointed out a few limitations there.


Does this actually work? Don’t all browsers on iOS use the same rendering engine so an issue with one would be the same on all?


Hi @louisdi,

One of our technicians is able to view our Help Center articles on his iPad using Chrome. I’ll ask him to work with @rolandh to get a better understanding of why it works for one iPad but not another.


I’ve also got an iPad in the family to test with should then need arise.


Hey @louisdi, we’re seeing various success rates with the iOS/Chrome browser workaround (depending on what version of iOS is involved).

We do not have full-proof fix for this yet.


I can verify Chrome was not an option for me with new iOS with current updates.


A rather timely PWK…6 Ways to Get Support at Republic


I think RW is missing the bigger point here; the New Customer is ready to throw in the towel with RW; this is where not having a customer care center person to pick up the phone and call this Customer or invite customer to call I’, afraid RW just lost a customer I’m sure but if he could have talked with someone you might have been able to save this account. When a customer can’t use their phone it is very frustrating, like most of us we really need them to work 24/7 and it can be annoying to have to communicate via email; the delay response time; it would be nice to have an emergency hot-line or some type of system that was immediate customer service response.
I have been on the fence this past year (my 5th RW anniversary) about staying with RW as this year I have been dissatisfied, calls dropping and a rude awaking during a 5 day storm that left me without WiFi and cell tower not close enough to get a good signal without standing on my patio table. All the other companies have slowly dropped there cost so dollar to dollar there isn’t much savings. I haven’t had a landline in 15 years and if I have had a life and death emergency during that storm…Anyway if I don’t stay it was nice while it lastest. Happy New Year Everyone!


Republic does have an instant chat options
just login on the main help page and on the bottem their will be a blue chat now box


I will say the chat system works real good I just used it a couple of nights ago an it was around 2AM an got a response in a couple of min . an it took about 5 min to handle my problem
The folks that help are very good