Problems with screen turning off during call

Hi folks,

Relevant background:

I am having a problem with my screen / proximity sensor since replacing the LCD / Digitizer on my Moto X 2nd gen. I assume this is a hardware issue, but my options are limited, so I was hoping that someone here might have an innovative solution…

I cracked my screen a while ago, and finally got around to replacing the screen myself. It went well except that the new LCD is mildly defective, in that it has a yellowish hue. The company I bought the part from was willing to send me a replacement… however, when I tried to get the screen out I badly stripped one of the torx screws. It’s so bad that I brought it to a couple computer / phone stores and they gave up on it too. I have tried every crazy solution possible to get the screw out, so instead of risking damaging my phone more, I decided to live with the screen as is.

Besides the fact that I just spent over 100 bucks on a new screen, I want to put off getting a new phone because I am still on the Republic plan that pays you back for unused data, and I like that plan much more than the new plans.

But here is my actual issue:

Now, when I make a call, the screen goes black instantly. I can’t press any buttons or see the screen unless I plug headphones in. I turned on the ‘power button ends call’ setting, so at least I can end calls now. Additionally, if I squeeze hard on the top left corner of the phone, the screen goes back on, presumably because I’m making some connection that is damaged. I assume it isn’t great for my phone to keep doing this…

What is also annoying is that the same thing happens when I listen to a voicemail. So I can’t see any of the voicemail info when I listen to the message. It is particularly annoying for voicemails because plugging in headphones doesn’t turn the screen on. There seems to be no way for me to see the screen while listening to a voicemail except to squeeze the screen hard and try to hit the speakerphone button.

I have tried downloading a couple apps to make speakerphone turn on automatically. Even when they work, the screen is still black (if I squeeze the phone and am able to turn speakerphone on, the screen stays on. It just doesn’t work when an app automatically turns on speakerphone). I’ve also tried a couple apps related to the proximity sensor, but I assume they won’t work because they are all software related.

Remember, opening up my phone is not an option!

Any ideas on how to best deal with this?



I don’t know if this will overcome the apparent hardware issue but it is easy, free and worth a try:

Install the free version of this app:

MacroDroid Settings Helper - Android Apps on Google Play

and create this macro:

Let me know if this works for you.

Edit: I tested this on my S7. The screen goes off but turns back on. This is repeats every time the timer turns the screen off.


before you turn on the power button ends calls what happen when you pressed the power button?

I use the power button to re wake the screen after it times out during calls, did it not do this for you phone after the repair?

Hi guys, thanks for your replies.

I tried your suggestion, billg. Didn’t work :-/ I also tried “call active” for the action, and “proximity sensor near”.

drm, the power button wouldn’t turn the screen back on after the new screen. The volume buttons still worked, but the power button did nothing, even if I held it down (I think I eventually got it to shut down that way, but I’m not sure).

I am wondering if the macro solution would actually work if I could just figure out exactly what is happening.

Edit: I tried launching an app with the ‘call active’ trigger. This seems to be a step in the right direction. The app launches. If I press on the ‘ongoing call’, the screen goes black again!

sound like a hardware failure I would look at a New used phone

Thanks for trying the macro solution. Since this does appear to be a hardware problem is it possible to drill-out the stripped screw and abandon that fastening point? It seems you have nothing more to lose at this point.

Well I’ve actually tried drilling the screw, as well as soldering something to it both to no avail.

I could probably try drilling it out a bit more aggressively. I’m not worried about losing the attachment point but I am worried about further damaging the phone so it’s not even usable or less usable. If I get to the point where I’m going to get a new phone I guess then it would be worth trying, regardless of the consequences.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Despite this solution not really fixing my problem, this was still very helpful and has provided a work around to at least part of the problem.

I made a macro that starts the dialer app when a call is in progress, which gives me access to the keypad and speakerphone control. This doesn’t fix the problem with voicemail, but it is still a big improvement!

[As a side note: I figured, if I check my voicemail via holding down 1, which calls voicemail, I would be able to use this same solution for that. However, apparently typing in the correct password for my voicemail simply ends the call. How bizarre. That happen to anyone else?]

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