Problems with send/receive on Google Pixal 4a phone

I just got a Google Pixal 4a phone. I have the lowest plan and only add data when I need to. I got this phone becasue all the Motorola and Samsung phone have gotten so huge, I do not like them. The Pixal phone has a ■■■■ of a time with sending and receiving texts if I am not in WIFI, and even then there are problems sometimes. I am supposed to get calls and texts, period, regardless of data. Have tried every workaround and setting change, but still will not automatically send texts via SMS, which is a real pain. Not sure if it is the phone or RW that is the issue. My guess is the phone, Anyone else have any insight in dealing with this issue on the Pixal 4a, I would much appreciate it.


Hello, It says GSM, SIm card was sent for Republic Wireless. I am in 32601. Too bad it is T-mobile! I know that their coverage here is not great. Thanks, but what to do about it?

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Since we don’t have the context of what “every” workaround and setting change comprises, and we don’t want to make assumptions, could you please make sure the Google Messages chat (RCS) feature is disabled?


Just did that, will see if it helps, thanks!

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