Problems with Viber on new device

Got my new Moto g Power, 2 days ago, love it.

Everything went well until I tried to transfer my Viber app, they no longer take Voip phone numbers. Opened a ticket with them and followed advice from previous member community board here 2 years old btw, sent them screenshots of the error message and sim card details. They said they had no record of me trying to register my new phone, I sent more information and nothing for more than 24 hours from them. In the meantime they have deactivated my Viber on my old phone, all my chats with my family are gone. I’m about to open up another tech ticket with them. I am determined to try and get them to accept my RW number.

I’m also worried about fully activating my new phone until I get the Viber issue resolved, as I don’t want my old phone deactivated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially up to date info, thx.

I see you have waited for a few hours for a response from the community (this is unusual, however, your problem isn’t.

  • I would suggest that your review Getting Viber to Register a Republic Number here’s is the latest I can find on the subject, so the info provided by @rolandh and the included feedback from other users like you, might provide a method that you have yet to try.
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yes, hello, and thank-you. I have read this already and followed the instructions and included the screenshot of the sim card using the whatsinsim app as instructed in my viber ticket. These instructions say to not tell viber that you have a Voip number, even though the error message says you do have a Voip number. Other advice I read on forums suggests to tell Viber that I have a RW account, which I did do, and I reminded them that they have whitelisted RW numbers before. So I am still waiting to see what Viber will do.

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Thanks and good luck getting a positive response from Viber … it you do, I would suggest that you document it as a comment to the comment thread contained in Getting Viber to Register a Republic Number so that your fellow users/members can enjoy the fruits of your labors.
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Right when I got your response I also a got a response from Viber. GREAT NEWS They not only allowed my number to register, but they restored all of my history and data. It is well worth the effort to grind it out with them. Thank-you for the advice, I will report on that thread as advised.


Thanks for the update SUCCESS STORY, that you provided to the Tip & Tricks at Getting Viber to Register a Republic Number … stuff like that is how this community is so special to many of us

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