Problems with volume on Moto Z Play

I have had my Moto Z Play for a couple of weeks now and have realized that the volume for the ringer and voice on the GPS are very low even when I have them all the way up. Tried several ring tones and none are loud. The GPS was nearly impossible to hear while driving and won’t work thru my car speakers. I love the phone except for that problem. Is anyone else having this issue? Can the phone be exchanged? What are my options?

I don’t personally have a Moto Z, but I did a google search and found:

If you look at problem #3, it addresses a similar issue, but looks like their potential solution might not work for you if you use Bluetooth any.

Also, just to make sure you don’t have any case possibly blocking the speaker do you? You might want to try your test without a case and see if you have the same result

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Here are some workarounds

  • There is a temporary solution that has worked for some users. In the Help application, go to the Fix and Repair section. Run the Speaker test. In the first go, you will barely hear the ringtone until the very end. Answer *No *when you are asked whether the speaker has worked as expected. Re Run the test, and the volume will now be loud and clear. There is a catch to using this solution however. You will have to run the test with Bluetooth disabled, and you will not be able to use Bluetooth again, as the volume will revert to being quiet again when Bluetooth is used. Secondly, a reboot also resets it, so you will have to follow the steps above again after the device restarts.
  • As far as the ringtone volume issue is concerned, that is actually a feature called Escalating Ring, and you cannot disable it from the Settings. However, there is a third party app available that you can download from the Google Play Store called Disable Increasing Ring, that has worked for some users.

From this link

As for return or replacement options. See here

Return and Replacement Policy

volume for the ringer

Have you changed from default ringtone or added one that may be causing the low ringer volume?


There are many aftermarket apps out there to make a song you like a ring tone. There are lists of songs already made as ringtones. ringtones - Android Apps on Google Play I use a loud distinctive Eric Church country ringtone myself.

I have used the Disable Increasing Ring - Android Apps on Google Play and it does work. Some screen protectors block the speakers too, check if thats the case. The shipping screen protector isn’t really a protector either & should have been removed.

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No, it isn’t just the ringer. It seems to be a speaker issue. Thanks.

I did the speaker test twice like you suggested and it seemed to help. Thanks

Thank you for the link, I appreciate it.

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