Procedure for porting an existing number to a new phone


I was just wondering if the recommended procedure for porting an existing number is:
Buy the new phone.
Activate it with whatever number the phone starts with.
Play with it for a week or so to make sure it’s what you want.
Request a number port from your old phone to new.
Deactivate old phone after successful transfer.

Or does the number port have to happen when the new phone is first activated?


Hi @Majorninth!

Great question! You will initially have to roll with a new number (automatically assigned) and then port your number to the new device. It’s a good idea to test the device prior to porting (to make sure the service works well for you in your area). However, you can start the process whenever you want. That means within minutes of activating the device or later. When the port is complete, your old phone provider will automatically cancel your account for you. You may want to take a look at some of the following articles: How Does a Number Transfer to Republic Work? – Republic Help and How to Transfer Your Number to Republic Wireless – Republic Help . Additionally, a fellow Republic member has written this guide to help people understand what’s involved with number transfers. You may find it interesting. I hope this helps!



Is the “existing phone number” already on republic? It was unclear in your statement. If it is then the act of activating the new phone will deactivate the old one. If you are transferring from another carrier, then you have it right.


Sorry for the confusion. Old phone number on a different network.


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