Procedure to transfer account and phone number to new device?

Ok so I found a 3rd gen Republic Moto G on eBay to replace my Moto E2.

If I go through the activation process on the phone, it basically wants to set up a new account.

What is the proper procedure to get my current account and phone number transferred to my new device and deactivate the old one? Do I go ahead and set up a new account? Then what?



Moto g 3rd activate on current account

Hi… Thanks for that link. I saw that, but I never got the option to add a line or replace. The phone went straight into adding a new account. Which I did thinking I could transfer it… I probably messed up. :confused:

So should I deactivate the new account I just set up on the Moto G?

Edit: Ok so I got impatient. I killed the new account I set up for the Moto G, then restarted the phone. When I went to activate it I got the option to transfer my number and existing account to the new phone. Go figure. It appears to be working just fine, so thanks for the assistance.

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