Process of a new phone on republic


I haven’t looked into getting a new phone for a few years, does republic wireless allow any Android phone now, you just download the app? And if so do I just transfer my current service to that phone when I have it? I like the idea of the Z but I’d like to shop around if I can


Republic has expanded it phone selection to include approved US Regional factory unlocked models

note all BYOD are with the Republic new GSM partner (T-Mobile)
also several phones {Moto Z, Moto Z Play, Samsung Galaxy J3, Huawei Ascend W5} are GSM only so even when purchased from Republic you will be on the GSM partner would check the Republic coverage checker to see if these phones are usable in your area

if you do BYOD you will need a Republic GSM SIM (and no you can not use the one from your legacy phone as they are CDMA base from Republics CDMA partner (Sprint)
or from amazon

also note all new 3.0 phones require the 3.0 plans (no grandfathered 1.0 unlimited plans or 2.0 Refund Plans)

edit to add to transfer your current number to the new Phone/SIM is done on the phone though the Republic app
you will have the options to login to your republic account and select a line to replace your current one (or add a new line)


Is the Moto Z Force included in being compatible along with the Moto Z? Gotta get that unbreakable screen!


Hi @Grails

These are the models of the Moto Z that are currently supported on RW


I believe the Moto Z Force is a Verizon exclusive.


The exclusive versions were the ones with ‘droid’ in the name


The Moto Z Force was not release in the US as Verizon has an exclusive for the Force which it labeled as the Moto Z Force Droid


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