Promo Plan - how do I verify I got it


I got my SIM card yesterday and activated it on my Moto 4G. I was able to activate it and get my new Republic Phone number. I went to look at my account information and tried to look to see if I could tell if I had the new promo plan for 6 months free when you bring your own phone. I was not able to find anything.

How can I validate that I was signed up for the Bring Your Own Phone and get 6 months free plan?

Thank you.


At the time of activation it should have noted on the confirmation screen where it shows the final amount due including taxes…it should have also said “Coupon - 6 months free…”


Yes, this is the only place I noticed it too. The first months invoice notes nothing regarding the promo.


Thanks for the feedback @Zandy, @amitl, and @cbwahlstrom …I’ll make sure we pass this along as usability improvements for the future.

Also let me say welcome to Republic Zandy. It’s great you’re already making your voice heard on the community.

Thank you for your trust in Republic Wireless.


Thanks to everyone that responded.


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