Prorated Refund?

If I’m on the Republic Wireless My Choice plan paying month to month, and I port my number away from Republic Wireless, will I get a prorated refund for the remainder of the monthly billing cycle?

Hi @grampa, :slight_smile: (I like your screen name)

Here is Republic’s document for a prorated refund:

From the notes: “Republic Wireless 1.0 and My Choice (4.0) plans will not be reimbursed for unused service or data when the account is canceled”

Before you port-a-way… is there anything the Community or Republic can do? Were you having some issues that needed looking into? :thinking:

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Hi @grampa,

Like most prepaid service providers, Republic does not provide prorated refunds for service canceled during a billing cycle. The exceptions would be if one is within Republic’s 14-day money back guarantee period or for unused cell data on a grandfathered refund plan.

I’ll admit to being curious myself as to the reason for porting out. Of course, you are not obligated to satisfy my curiosity. It’s just that you’ve been around a while and I’d be sorry to see you leave.

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Thank you, for the quick and straight answer, @rolandh

I’ve been here a little over 7 years. I joined only a few months too late, missing the deadline to get the 10% discount for life. I used to be more active here in the community until they came out with the 3.0 plan and I still had the 3 phones on my account on the 1.0 or 2.0 plans for a few more years (one of them is still on the 1.0 plan), so at that point most of the discussion was about the newer plans which did not affect me. Also, I didn’t have as much free time on my hands.

Anyway, to answer your question, I now need to use several GB of data every month for my new small business, and so I have decided to move my phone to Mint Mobile because they are much cheaper on data. If I didn’t have a need for larger amounts of data, I would keep my line on Republic Wireless.

I will not be leaving entirely though, because after I port my own line away, my RW account will still have 2 other phones on it for my wife and mother in-law, so don’t be surprised to see me pop in sometime with a question regarding one of their lines.

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Hi @SuperT

Thanks for the reply. I’m not really having issues with the service, and you can see my reason for leaving in my reply to @rolandh .

I will say though that I was an unhappy camper when RW (with very little notice) stopped allowing activation of the Defy phones. My family wasn’t using our Defy at the time but we liked having it as an emergency backup in case one of our phones was broken/lost/stolen.

I will also say that I was very disappointed when the GSM network plans were introduced, that they did not have the Republic Refund option. That wouldn’t help me now because I’m using more data, but at the time I used very little data and liked the option to pay very little for what I was using on the 2.0 plan that I had at the time and continued to have for a few more years.

Finally, in the post that you linked to, it mentions the My Choice 4.0 plans. I thought that the My Choice plan was the 3.0 plan; so I’m curious, what is the difference between the 3.0 plans and the 4.0 plans?

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You’re most welcome! I’ve always enjoyed our conversations!

This was a most unfortunate circumstance, Without rehashing now going on 5-year history, I’ll mention it’s not how Republic wanted things to turn out.

The referenced plans are no longer GSM only and haven’t been for quite some time. For those who need it, CDMA coverage is available with Republic’s newer plans. I generally don’t use much cell data (even more the case over the past pandemic year). For context, I would observe for anyone using more than 2/3 GB of cell data per month, the new plans first introduced in August of 2016 are a better value in terms of price per GB than the old refund plans. Though the new plans do cost me a bit more than Republic Refund, I have found overall the newer plans to be a better value despite that higher cost. Expanded phone selection, bring your own phone, the availability of GSM network coverage and Extend Home are all things not offered with Republic Refund.

3.0 plans were referred to as Clear Choice. My Choice (a/k/a 4.0) superseded Clear Choice in December of 2017 and offered better cell data pricing than Clear Choice.

A perfectly reasonable rationale. Having tried it myself, I’d suggest kicking the tires before committing to Mint Mobile. Their money-back guarantee is limited to seven days. Like Republic there are no prorated refunds outside Mint’s money-back guarantee window. The initial commitment to Mint is 3 months. After that, to keep Mint’s best pricing requires paying for a year in advance. It is not my intent to dissuade you from giving Mint a shot but if they don’t work out, there are other options in the market for higher cell data use.

I’m very happy to hear this! Finally, if you haven’t seen it you may find this to be of interest: A Letter from Our CEO: Republic Wireless Joins DISH!. I’ve posted frequently in that thread, so I’ll refrain from rehashing any of that here.

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