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Hi! I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 a couple of months back and I am really scared about breaking my $700 investment. My question is are the Samsung Protection+ plans compatible with Republic Wireless or would I just be throwing $129 down the drain and if so is there another protection plan I could buy to cover the cost of my clumsiness?


Hello @alistaird.egrcxa!

According to the Samsung website (Samsung Protection Plus), Protection Plus is not compatible with Republic Wireless. As far as other options go, I don’t believe there is much you can get since it is already a couple months old. Generally, companies like one to buy insurance when or shortly after purchase. If I am wrong, I am sure someone will correct me .



Hi @alistaird.egrcxa,

@mb2x’s conclusion based on the Samsung site page he referenced is quite reasonable and probably correct. Still, I think it would be worth a conversation with Samsung. There’s no technical reason a protection plan should be compatible or incompatible with any service provider. S7s sold by Republic are identical to North American factory unlocked S7s sold from Samsung’s website. Samsung’s contact number is (800) 726-7864.

If that doesn’t work out you might try Securranty or SquareTrade.


I checked square-trade and they will only insure within 30 days of purchase.


Samsung will sell to RW purchasers.

How do I know if I am eligible for Samsung Protection Plus?

If you have purchased an eligible Samsung mobile device within the past 365 days from an** authorized Samsung retailer or a wireless carrier**, you are eligible for Samsung Protection Plus. View eligible devices and plan details:

Samsung Protection Plus - FAQs

  • Do I have to pay a deductible when I file a claim?

    For customers who purchased SPP on or after 6/20/16, there is a $99 deductible for each Accidental Damage claim. This applies once the claim is approved.


I agree that it’s likely Samsung will sell their protection plan to Republic customers. I still think it’s worth a conversation with Samsung to confirm because while the FAQ page you linked says one thing, the Overview page linked by @mb2x says this:

Supported Carriers

Supported carriers are AT&T, MetroPCS, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon.


I’ll grant that I might easily have missed it, however, I don’t think I see anything about needing to set up the protection plan within 30 days of service:


Why don’t you try calling and let us know. Phones purchased from RW are eligible for Samsung freebies but not an additional purchase? Purchasing the plan requires qualifying info and would be less time consuming than a conversation for most.

  • Sign Up for Samsung Protection Plus

    Enter the info for the device you want to protect. All fields are required
  • 1. Device IMEI Number

  • 2. Mobile Phone Number

    Enter the phone number of the device you want to protect.


So after thinking over it. I’ve decided to not get the protection plan. It would be $130 plus $99 deductible for each claim and that seems to be on the rise as of late. If I were to file a claim twice. It would almost cost half of the price of the phone. I’ve just decided to get a really good case with built in screen protector and will put away some money for a new phone if need be. Come to think of it I’m really not sure why I bought such an expensive phone as my other phone which cost half that price did everything I needed it to, Thank you all for your suggestions!