Proximity sensor for Moto X (1st Gen) - How fix/disable it on Old phone

I got replaced the charging port on my MOTO X (1st Gen) phone. Now, when a call comes in or I try to call, the screen goes total blank. After surfing the internet , looks like it is the proximity sensor issue ? Right?? How do I fix it … Via Hardware or Software ?? How correct it and/or how disable it. – Please note it is an old phone with old version of Android – not the most current one .

I do not care if I lose that feature of the phone. Just want to make and receive calls … Help Please !!!


Here’s a question and answer from the iFixit forum that describes a rubber piece that can be misplaced during phone repair. This describes a somewhat difficult hardware solution:

And here’s a somewhat difficult software solution:

I would question whether either solution is really worth pursuing. T-Mobile has released a date for shutdown of the Sprint CDMA network that your Moto X 1st gen. requires for cellular voice calling. That date is currently set at Jan. 2022. Barring FCC intervention, it seems that the phone will be largely obsolete once January arrives.


Thank you everyone who gave me the pointers and all the help. Following that - the problem was fixed. But being an old phone, it has other problems and it needs some repairs. On top of that, its service is being discontinued as per new posting… So, time to say Good-By to this Good, Bad Boy !!! Thanks again …

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