PSA: Ascend 5W details

I opened a chat with Huawei inquiring about the 5W and lack of info on their website. I gave him a link to RW’s info page and he replied with a link. The chat ended before I was able to get a transcript of the chat, but here was my follow up…

Carlos F
Wed, 12/14/16 12:45:49 pm America/Chicago
Hi there! Thank you for reaching Huawei Device USA. How may I be of help today?
12:48:25 pm
Hi again Carlos. I just asked about the Huawei Ascend 5W. The chat ended before I had a chance to save the transcript/link you provided. Can you link it again?
Carlos F
12:49:52 pm
No problem.
One moment.
12:51:27 pm
This would be the link provided previously.
Was there anything else I could do to assist you?
12:52:19 pm
Thank you again, have a great day.
Carlos F
12:52:31 pm
Thanks for chatting in! Come back any time Anthony! Take care.
Duration: 6m 47s
Chat started on:

E-mail from LiveChat

The representative assured me that while the model number was different, this is the Huawei GR5.

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dimensions don’t line up

are you sure they are the same phone?

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No, I am not. This is what I was told. I have noticed different dimensions as well, hoping its just a typo on one site or the other.

Ordered a case for the Honor 5X/Ascend GR5, I guess I’ll find out next week.

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drm186 wrote:

are you sure they are the same phone?

Make that pretty sure…

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I just had a similar chat. I was told it was not the GR5. This person said it was the Honor 5x. Are the Huawei GR5 and the Honor 5X the same phone?

Welcome to Huawei
Robin BSupport Agent

Robin BHi there! Thank you for reaching Huawei Device USA. How may I be of help today?

Me Hello - I am a new customer, recently ordered a Huawei Ascend 5W from Republic Wireless

can you tell me if that is the same as the Huawei GR5?

(I’m looking to order some accessories)

Robin BHello! I would be more than happy to assist you.

If you do not mind, may I place you on hold for 1-2 minutes, while I look into this information for you please?

Me no problem - thanks!

Robin B7:29 pmYou’re welcome! One moment please.

7:31 pmMe, please continue to bear with me, as I am still looking into this for you.

Me thank you

Robin BThank you for holding. So it looks like those are two different devices.

Me ok

can you tell me which device it is on your web page - I can’t seem to find it

Robin BYes I can, one moment please.

On our page, the device is a Honor 5x

Me ok, great, thanks!

Robin BYou’re welcome! Did you have any other questions or concerns this evening?

Me that is all - very helpful

Robin BPerfect! Thank you for contacting Huawei support. Please help us to improve our services. There will be a three question survey once you close the chat. Thank you!

Me thanks! Read

Well imagine that @benordby .

It is a mystery phone for sure… . Still, I am feeling GR5 is accurate.

@c1tobor Is that a picture of your newly delivered Ascend?

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It is the box the phone is in… -the RW shipping vessel.

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Looked at the specs on the Huwei GR5 and Honor 5X, and if these aren’t the same phones the specs are close enough that they might as well be. This was using GSMArena, don’t know how accurate that it is, but seems to have a pretty good track record.

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