PSA: Be Prepared!


As we approach the New Year, and since much of the Nation is in brutal arctic conditions, I just want to remind everyone “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” -Benjamin Franklin.

I spent last night away from home, and while typically I carry cold-weather supplies in my vehicle to combat unforeseen circumstances, I embarrassingly admit I did not heed that caution yesterday.

Bright and Early this morning, I found myself outdoors with a blow-torch in hand in order to restore water to the residence I was at. Being around 4 degree’s and windy, I found I had to shield the flame with my body because the brutally satanic wind kept blowing out the fire. I was about to retreat when alas, I was blessed with flowing water.

Once back indoors, the pain of thawing extremities took hold. :cry:

My New Years Eve involves organizing and stowing cold-weather survival gear for my truck.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe New Year…be careful out there.



Cold weather car kit should have at least gloves, extra socks, extra water resistant coat, a blanket, jumper cables, [jump pack optional], air pump, a small shovel, basic tool kit [pliers, screwdriver rope/wire], food and some way to store water


Well said. I am not in an area I would consider rural by any means, but that doesn’t mean much in those types of temperatures/conditions. Even short periods of time can be hazardous.


I don’t suppose anyone wants to hear of my cold weather preparations here in South Florida. We are expecting overnight lows in the 30s later in the week. :clown_face:


Funny thing is, 40 was cold, 20’s does, and is, like a warm spell. The human body’s adaptability is a wonder of nature.


It was -27 where I live in MN this morning but it’s up to a balmy -14 now. Happy new year to everyone!


Question: If you spit into the air, it is frozen before it hits the ground?.



I didn’t try that but my granddaughter was blowing bubbles that turn into glass=like spheres.




As our President said…we could use some global warming.


Here in Missouri, we have had a good string of mild winters. I am old enough to know, that is just a good string of mild winters.


Well it was 65 degrees to day but when the sun sets
temp will really drop Low to night is 30 degrees no rain yet since OCT.May be some this week an snow in the high country Iam in
Northern Calif. about 102 miles from the Oregon border.


I’m in RW’s home city. It’s after 11 AM and 22 F outside. While that may seem balmy to some nearer the Canadian border, it’s unusually cold for midday in this area. Predictions are for one of the coldest New Year first weeks on record. And winter started only 11 days ago.


I certainly hope (and, if I were a praying man, I’d pray) that this cold spell does not foretell what is to be expected through the rest of winter. Ugh!


So far today is the coldest day this week, awoke to 13 degrees. When I lived up north this wasn’t an issue as long as we had electric to fire the oil burner. Here in Georgia it’s an issue with or without power, but with a little imagination and proactive precautions, my pipes haven’t frozen, the bird’s sunroom was 36 degrees (so he wont get frost bite), so I’m cool with it. At least today it will get into the 30’s. The second Arctic blast arrives down here on Thursday, but I don’t think it will be as bad as the first one…so I’m hoping.

I feel bad for the folks that have to deal with sub-zero temps and snow. I really don’t miss those days up north as much as I like snow. Please be careful when venturing outside!


Who’s venturing outside?!!



Do Georgians not have heat? Even in South Florida, we have heat. We probably use it 10 days or less but we have it!


We have heat. In my case electric HVAC and when power is out fireplace. Unfortunately fireplace does not heat the basement where the pipe in question is located.

Down here some people don’t bother getting HVAC serviced when it’s shot, they will use space heaters instead.


You said, and I quote "it’s an issue with or without power. so, presuming you have power, why are you risking freezing your bird and your pipes?


Do you really want a full explanation or are you just messing with me?